Evoline for Sleek Design Solutions

21st Apr 2015

Evoline pop out outlets are a quintessential elements in sleek design when it comes to electrical features for your home or office. If you are designing your own home for the first time and are lookin … read more

Using Our Pop-up Electrical Outlets Is Just This Easy

Posted by EVOline Admin on 27th Feb 2015

As we discussed in our most recent post on the EVOline® blog, our German-engineered pop-up electrical outlets make your cord management easier, not matter how many devices you own. As you also kn … read more

Our Pop-Up Outlets Make Cord Management Easy

Posted by EVOline Admin on 13th Feb 2015

Here at EVOline®, we take pride in our high-end, German-designed pop-up outlet. These outlets have a retractable aluminum housing with connections for power and data. Plus, they are easy to install. U … read more

The 10 Commandments Of Cable Management

14th Jan 2015

Just about every business depends on cables for essentials like data and electricity. Cable management is the perfect solution for keeping those cords safe, functional, and organized. The EVOline® Por … read more

Evolve Your Kitchen Counter Space With Our Pop Up Outlets

14th Jan 2015

The EVOline® Ports are designed and manufactured in Germany as a power supply solution for homes and offices. Each has an anodized aluminum profile, two or three angled sockets with a rocking cover. P … read more