EVOline Basics

12th Oct 2015

In past blogs we’ve discussed design ideas for EVOline pop-up sockets and how they can be a great addition to kitchens, offices, home offices, bathrooms, and any other space you have where you want ma … read more

Modern Office Must-Haves

5th Oct 2015

The modern workplace would be unrecognizable to many people from the past. Gone are private offices with large unwieldy desks and rooms filled with filing cabinets. These have been replaced with all-i … read more

Manage Your Cords With These Cable Management Tips

28th Sep 2015

If you're finally tired of that mess of cables in your home office or kitchen that is spreading like kudzu, then you've came to the right place. Here at EVOline, we combine exquisite design with unmat … read more

Office Illumination

13th Jul 2015

EVOline® pop-up sockets marry form and function in their modern design. This marriage finds a home in the modern office space. That do people want in an office space? What features of a space make peo … read more

EVOline®: Red Dot Award Winner

6th Jul 2015

EVOline® excels at designing and manufacturing pop-up electrical sockets that serve many purposes across many design fields. EVOline® sockets are the perfect space saving device for people who want to … read more