Evolve Your Kitchen Counter Space With Our Pop Up Outlets

14th Jan 2015

The EVOline® Ports are designed and manufactured in Germany as a power supply solution for homes and offices. Each has an anodized aluminum profile, two or three angled sockets with a rocking cover. Providing electrical connections in a retractable aluminum housing, the pop up outlets makes a lack of kitchen electrical outlets something of the past. All you have to do is simply press the lid to tilt and grasp, pull up, plug in and push the EVOline® Port back down. The tilted lid allows the cord to trail into the EVOline® Port for full function while retracted, saving you space and giving you more outlets for all of your kitchen appliances.

The frustrations of never having enough outlets to plug in all the kitchen appliances you need to use is now a thing of the past with the EVOline® Ports. If you already don't have enough counter space as you'd like, you truly know the struggles of playing tetris with your toaster, Keurig, blender, and hand mixer all at once! Even when you have enough outlets, you may find yourself struggling to manage all of the cords that come with those appliances that you need. The good thing about our pop up outlets is that they retract back down into your counter, pulling the excess cord with it. No more cords getting in your way when you're trying to cook!

If you're ready to revolutionize your kitchen and make it easier to cook and do the things you love, shop our pop up outlets today!