Design Meets Practicality

23rd Dec 2015

Following up on our last blog that looked at the design aspect of the innovative EVOline pop up electrical sockets, we’ll look at what they offer you on a practical level. We talked about winning the … read more

Design Award Winner

9th Dec 2015

Most people are unaware of the elements of design that surround them in everyday life.We at EVOline are well aware of design in the home and are proud to be part of the history of design. We are proud … read more

Pop Out Outlets- The Quickest Way To Redecorate

18th Nov 2015

We all want our homes to look beautiful. We want anyone who steps through the front door to be stunned with just how good it looks! One’s first impression is made at first glance, and it is what will … read more

How to Avoid Electrical Fires This Holiday Season Part 2

16th Nov 2015

Keep your family and your home safe this holiday season!At EVOline®, we are your source for award-winning pop up outlets that can help to make your holiday bright, but unfortunately, if you aren't ca … read more

How to Avoid Electrical Fires This Holiday Season

1st Nov 2015

Don't let an electrical fire ruin your holiday!The holidays are a wonderful time of the year, but unfortunately, they are also a common time of the year for electrical fires. This is due mainly to im … read more