Using Our Pop-up Electrical Outlets Is Just This Easy

Posted by EVOline Admin on 27th Feb 2015

As we discussed in our most recent post on the EVOline® blog, our German-engineered pop-up electrical outlets make your cord management easier, not matter how many devices you own. As you also know from reading our blog and FAQ’s, we love fielding questions about our innovative pop-up outlet. We love great design and believe that our pop-up outlets are here for the long haul because they combine sleek form with sharp fashion. With all that in mind, we are answering a general set of questions which all revolve around how our pop-up outlet works.

“How does the EVOline® pop-up electrical outlet operate?”

“From a retracted position, you would push gently on the metal disk and tip it open. Placing your fingers under the rim of the lid you lift the device up to expose the power outlets. The unit can be opened to expose one or all of the outlets. The User would plug their device into the power unit and either continue using the device in the open position or return the device to the retracted position. Once retracted the top remains in the tipped position allowing any connected cables to remain in place and slightly gripped to prevent loosening.  The Demo Videos on the website will be visually helpful.”

Our Red Dot Award for the Highest Level of Design and Function is the best endorsement for our pop-up outlet. It means that our pop-ups not only look great installed within your counter or desk, but they will also work ingeniously.