A Pop Up Electrical Outlet in Your Bathroom

10th Nov 2014

You wake in the morning and head into the bathroom to get ready for the day, only to be greeted by a mess of cords on the countertop. If you live with someone else and share a bathroom with them, ever … read more

Improve Your Shared Work Space with Pop Out Outlets

24th Oct 2014

When you work in a shared work space, electrical outlets can be a prized commodity. If you share or split a desk with a coworker, you both need a place to plug in your computers, devices, and other ne … read more

Revolutionize Your Counter Tops with Pop Up Outlets

6th Oct 2014

Your kitchen is often the most important room in your house. You spend time there cooking, connecting, and enjoying life with your family. It's where you begin your day, with a warm cup of coffee and … read more

EVOline: An Evolving Line

17th Sep 2014

Since the colonization of the eastern seaboard, Americans have dedicated themselves to the notion that progress is power. There is a whole line of poetry and literature about expansion and taming o … read more

EVOline Pop Up Outlet: Your Power Lifeline

17th Sep 2014

Life can leave us as though we are drowning; torrents of life push and pull in so many directions that we need assurances to keep us from drifting into the madness. Novelists have not spoken freque … read more