The EVOline philosophy of decentralized electrical distribution, switching and protection as close as possible to the
product and where electrical faults may occur. This is the basis for the optimal ePlace in all areas of life. Different
user requirements demand appropriate solutions.
The EVOline standards covers many possibilities for electrification, protection as well as data and multimedia

The EVOline modular system also offers a high degree of individuality for every user.
EVOline supplies intelligent, tailor-made solutions from the socket to the decentralized electrical installation of
entire buildings.
Configure your ePlace as an EVOline co-designer - even for small quantities.
We are happy to support.




 Excellent Universal Design  evoline-port-ul.png  evoline-dock-ul.png

Universal Design



Good product design 
should exclude no one.
Electricity no longer just comes
from the power outlet.
At start-ups and major conglomerates alike, ever changing units work on project-based jobs.