Evoline for Sleek Design Solutions

21st Apr 2015

Evoline pop out outlets are a quintessential elements in sleek design when it comes to electrical features for your home or office. If you are designing your own home for the first time and are looking for some great ways to streamline your design, a designer looking to bring something new to a client or a contractor looking for ways to make your construction stand out in a crowd, Evoline pop up electrical outlets are a great way to make a statement.

Evoline pop up outlets work with all styles of interior design because they are an efficient way to hide sockets and we also offer cord organization systems. This year minimalism is coming back in a big way. Sleek lines, and lack of clutter stand out in a modern design without feeling sterile because warm colors can be incorporated in details. Another trend that has been forecasted is bold colors and nothing break up a sleek wall of color like a big ugly electrical socket. It’s so much better to utilize Evoline’s encounter pop up outlets and corner outlets. mIxing metals is also a coming trend and that works great with Evoline Our anodized aluminum covers will fit right in with brass and silver decor.

Evoline pop out outlets are the Mercedes Benz of outlets. They are German designed and fabricated. European homes are known for their order and minimal style and Evoline pop up outlets now bring this sleek look to American homes. Design with European sleekness and impress your clients and guests alike.