Our Pop-Up Outlets Make Cord Management Easy

Posted by EVOline Admin on 13th Feb 2015

Here at EVOline®, we take pride in our high-end, German-designed pop-up outlet. These outlets have a retractable aluminum housing with connections for power and data. Plus, they are easy to install. Using our sleek pop-up electrical outlet is easy and intuitive. Just push down on the rocking cover, pull the unit out at the opening, then connect your electrical cord or data cable, and you are ready to retract the outlet back into the housing unit. What happens to your cable? The rocking cover you pushed on at the beginning only partially closes to leave a path for your connected cables.

Occasionally, we get some questions about our pop-up electrical outlets that we like to cover in our blog, in addition to our FAQ, to make sure the answers reach a wider audience. We get a lot of inquiries about how our EVOline® pop-up outlets work, which are always great questions.

"Does the EVOline® pop-up outlet “pop up” automatically?"

"No. These devices are manufactured to exact standards that produce a firm and positive sliding motion. When fully extended the unit will “click” to provide additional support in the “up” position.  For more help understanding how Ports operate take a look at the Demo Videos on the website."

Our EVOline® pop-up outlets are internationally patented and recognized. Additionally, they are honored to have won the Red Dot Award for the Highest Level of Design and Function. These little pop-ups will make cord management a breeze.