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Award-Winning Pop Up Electrical Outlet

A company rooted in excellence with a rich history decades deep, EVOline will always be about innovation and achieving new standards of design and functionality. The belief that even a seemingly simple idea like a pop up electrical outlet should not just be viewed with a utilitarian vision, but also through the eyes of a [...]

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Pop Out Outlet: The Sleek New Design

Powerfully designed. German engineered. Available to you.When you have a house that is elegant, sleek, and beautiful, the last thing you want is tacky cords which take away from the clean and polished atmosphere of an exquisite kitchen or living room. In an office atmosphere, extra cords can be distracting and overwhelming, yet almost impossible [...]

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EVOline: Leading the World in Innovation

We live in a fast-paced, evolutionary world which is constantly changing and improving. Our ability to keep up is what puts us at the top. We stand for elegance, effectiveness, and an evolutionary outlook on humankind and technology. Every step we take is to aid in the progress and growth of man and his machine, whether [...]

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