Office Illumination

13th Jul 2015

EVOline® pop-up sockets marry form and function in their modern design. This marriage finds a home in the modern office space. That do people want in an office space? What features of a space make people more productive, more creative? We’ve come up with some ideas to consider when planning your office, be it in an office building or a home office. In the next few blogs, we are going to discuss different elements of office design.

Lighting The light source that illuminates your workspace can make a significant difference in what happens there. There are three ideas to keep in mind when one considers the lighting of a space. The direction of the light, the intensity of the light and the color of the light.

Poor lighting intensity can lead to fatigue, eye strain, and headaches. Workspace lighting should be sufficient but diffuse, meaning that the light should spread evenly through the space, not causing harsh shadows and glare. Filters can be used on overhead lights to diffuse light. Fluorescent lights should be avoided. They are known to flicker and the color is, as everyone knows, unnatural. If natural lighting is available it should be used to it’s maximum benefit. Northern light, meaning light coming into windows from the north, is pleasant and not too bright. Where lamps can be used, they should be. It’s a great idea to conceal the outlets for lamps with an EVOline® pop-up socket. Lamps are a great source of soft light and add to a space’s design statement. Is it a homey, old fashion lamp or a modern design lamp? Make a statement!

Shop today for your EVOline® pop-up sockets and bring modern design into your office.