EVOline Basics

12th Oct 2015

In past blogs we’ve discussed design ideas for EVOline pop-up sockets and how they can be a great addition to kitchens, offices, home offices, bathrooms, and any other space you have where you want maximum space efficiency coupled with style and German engineering.

Today we are going back to basics and give a general introduction to EVOline Pop-up sockets for those of you who are new to EVOline.

What are they?

  • EVOline Pop-up sockets represent a revolution in electrical socket design.
  • They are an in-desk, or in cupboard, electrical power strip.
  • Their award-winning design is a sleek addition to any decor.
  • The are recessed in the desk or cupboard and when you push the top, they spring up to reveal a number of electrical sockets.
  • Once you’ve plugged in your devices, you can push the strip back into the recessed space with only the cords coming up out from under the flap.

Flexible and Durable

  • They are perfect for any room in the office, or home.
  • Can be used in cupboards, on desks and under cabinets.
  • They are very sturdy and durable. They’ve been put through extensive stress tests and come out with flying colors.
  • Easy to install with an installation taking about 10 minutes per unit including drilling the hole.
  • They come in chrome, stainless steel, white and black

Awarding Winning Design

  • EVOline won the prestigious Red Dot design award in2014 for the V-port design.
  • Other winning companies include Porsche, Bose, Apple and Lenovo.

Shop today for the style and convenience of Evoline Pop-up sockets.