Modern Office Must-Haves

5th Oct 2015

The modern workplace would be unrecognizable to many people from the past. Gone are private offices with large unwieldy desks and rooms filled with filing cabinets. These have been replaced with all-in-one computers or tablets and pop-up electrical sockets that go back into receded spaces leaving only cables. EVOline Pop-up sockets are happy to be part of the current office design revolution. We’ve created a list of some of the changes that modern offices are implementing.

Open, collaborative spaces

  • Following the example of large, cutting edge companies like Google, many companies are designing their work spaces to be open, without walls or even partitions.
  • Smaller areas for collaboration and casual meeting are peppered through the open space.

Technology centered spaces

  • A space with comfortable chairs and good wifi can be a great replacement for a stodgy desk and desktop computer.
  • People feel relaxed and creative in these spaces and fostering that pays off for the company.

Sit to Stand Desks

  • Many companies now recognize that sitting all day is bad for the human body as well as stifling to creativity.
  • Many people now choose a standing desk. The worker can stand or sit on a high stool.
  • There are some desks that are electric and can be moved up and down to either a sitting or standing position.

Cutting Edge Electrical Solutions

  • Evoline is a German firm that has designed and produces a brand new type of electric power strip.
  • The strips are hidden in cabinets, desks, and under cabinets for a sleek look and cable management.

Bringing Nature In

  • Large north-facing windows allow diffuse natural light into the work space.
  • Plants in a work space make the space more relaxing and a more pleasant place to everyone to work.
  • Just be careful to not get plants that bloom and can cause allergies.