Manage Your Cords With These Cable Management Tips

28th Sep 2015

If you're finally tired of that mess of cables in your home office or kitchen that is spreading like kudzu, then you've came to the right place. Here at EVOline, we combine exquisite design with unmatched functionality to bring you pop up outlets that not only help with cable management, but offer up unique pop up power that not only looks good, but works amazingly well. It's time to bring your home or office into the 21st century and here at EVOline, we can help you do just that.

Today we're going to also give you a few other tips to get those crazy cables under control.

  • If you've got cables piling up under your desk, get a nice wire basket. This is a great way to hide all of those audio, USB, power cords, and other cords off the floor.
  • If you've got children who love their electronics but not cable management, try hiding their cords in plain sight! One of the coolest ways to organize cables is to do it this way by displaying them outright by creating wall art! You can use the cords to draw just about anything depending on how much time and cord you have.
  • You can also shorten your cables to make them the right length. If you want to go the product route, there are lots of options. Cordlets stick on to most surfaces to hold cables in place and shorten them at the same time.

Got any other great cable management tips or tricks that have worked well for you?