EVOline®: Red Dot Award Winner

6th Jul 2015

EVOline® excels at designing and manufacturing pop-up electrical sockets that serve many purposes across many design fields. EVOline® sockets are the perfect space saving device for people who want to maximize space usage. EVOline® pop-up sockets are the height of sleek, European design and we all know that European design is known for marrying form to function. This hallmark can be seen in EVOline electrical sockets. Their design has been recognized by being awarded a Red Dot Design Award. The Red Dot Award is awarded to  a leader in the design of products that can be roughly divided into three areas: “Living”, ‘Doing’, and ‘Working’. The competition can be stiff. In 2015, there were over 4,928 submissions from 56 countries. In 2001, EVOline won the award for high design quality for the V-Port.

While the V-port is not yet available in America, the line of pop up electrical sockets is, and can be added to your design concept with ease. For Kitchen remodels we have the Kitchen Cuisine Classic EVOline® Port. This port is designed and manufactured in Germany. It has an anodized aluminum profile and two or three angled sockets with a rocking cover. This retractable casing keeps you electric sockets close at hand yet out of sight when not needed. When they are in use only the cord snaking out from under the flip lid reveals the electrical source.

When you are looking to remodel your office, home office, kitchen or bathroom be sure to insist that your designer use EVOline® pop-up sockets for sleep design and efficient use of space.