EVOline® for Micro Houses

19th May 2015

EVOline® excels in designing and manufacturing pop-up electrical sockets that serve many purposes across many design fields. EVOline® sockets are the perfect space saving device for people who want to … read more

The 10 Commandments Of Cable Management

14th Jan 2015

Just about every business depends on cables for essentials like data and electricity. Cable management is the perfect solution for keeping those cords safe, functional, and organized. The EVOline® Por … read more

Custom Solutions with Pop Up Electrical Outlets

26th Dec 2014

When you're designing a new office or business space, you want it to be both functional and inviting. The employees that will work there need to be able to access the space with ease and set up their … read more

A Pop Up Electrical Outlet in Your Bathroom

9th Nov 2014

You wake in the morning and head into the bathroom to get ready for the day, only to be greeted by a mess of cords on the countertop. If you live with someone else and share a bathroom with them, ever … read more

Pop Up Outlet: ​Sleek and Functional

11th Aug 2014

Sleek and Functional Pop Up OutletThere are many ways to upgrade your home to make it more beautiful or more functional. With the Evoline pop up outlet, you can get both with one innovative product. I … read more