Custom Solutions with Pop Up Electrical Outlets

26th Dec 2014

When you're designing a new office or business space, you want it to be both functional and inviting. The employees that will work there need to be able to access the space with ease and set up their workspace as they see fit. In today's modern world, office environments are very connected, and the demand for electricity is even greater. With computers, projectors, and video conferencing equipment filling businesses around the globe, EVOline USA is prepared to provide custom solutions, including pop up electrical outlets, for owners and employees alike.

Whatever business or industry you're in, there's a demand for power at every turn. EVOline can design custom power solutions for your new building and incorporate our outlets into every counter and desk. Assembly and installation is simple and before you know it, everyone in your company will have adequate access to reliable power and be able to charge their devices, power their computers, and do whatever else they need to be successful.

Companies shouldn't be constrained by a lack of outlets and reliable power sources in their building. If you're designing a new structure and have come to the point where outlets need to be installed in desks and counters, call on EVOline USA and let our pop up electrical outlets provide the perfect solution. No matter where you are or what business will be in the new structure, we can make sure everyone has access to an outlet when they need one. Let us know today how we can design a custom power solution for you.