Pop Up Outlet: ​Sleek and Functional

11th Aug 2014

Sleek and Functional Pop Up Outlet

There are many ways to upgrade your home to make it more beautiful or more functional. With the Evoline pop up outlet, you can get both with one innovative product. If you’re spending the money to make your kitchen or office space exactly how you want it, don’t forget about the smaller details like your power source. Having a beautiful space is nice, but having sleek but functional details, turns a good space into a great one.


Our pop up electrical outlet can be installed where it is most convenient. This power source stays hidden in any surface like a kitchen counter or table. Once you need it, simply press the lid, pull up the outlet, plug in your device, and then push the port back down. The design of the lid allows the cords to remain plugged in while retracted. Our ports are available in either two or three sockets allowing for many things to be plugged in at once.


Nothing is worse than having a giant mess of cords that disrupt the look of a space. A pop up outlet hides those cords from sight while still allowing you to easily access them. They are available in many colors including, black, white, silver, red, stainless steel, and antique brass. We have styles that fit the look of any room. We also have a two or three socket port with a nightlight. Allowing you to access your port easily in the dark.

Browse through our pop up electrical outlets to find the one that is perfect for you and your space!