A Pop Up Electrical Outlet in Your Bathroom

9th Nov 2014

You wake in the morning and head into the bathroom to get ready for the day, only to be greeted by a mess of cords on the countertop. If you live with someone else and share a bathroom with them, every appliance imaginable could be plugged into the one or two outlets in the wall - electric toothbrush, electric razor, curling iron, etc. If your bathroom counter space is being taken up by cords, you need an pop up electrical outlet from EVOline USA.

With a pop up outlet, you can eliminate the various cords that trail to the wall and instead have each appliance safely plugged into an EVOline outlet. Our EVOline Port is the perfect solution for someone that finds themselves searching for a free outlet every morning while getting ready for work. There will be no more having to unplug your blow dryer to make room for your razor, or vice versa. Our pop up electrical outlets are easy to install and create a sleek and clean look on any countertop.

People also set up their bathroom to be a relaxing and calming space, and if you like to listen to music while in the tub or shower, you can plug your smartphone or stereo into your new pop up outlet and enjoy your favorite tunes. Our outlets feature two or three receptacles, and certain models even come with a night light, so you can find your way in the middle of the night or early morning. You'll love how an EVOline outlet improves your morning routine!