EVOline® for Micro Houses

19th May 2015

EVOline® excels in designing and manufacturing pop-up electrical sockets that serve many purposes across many design fields. EVOline® sockets are the perfect space saving device for people who want to maximize space usage. One example of this is in the current trend for micro houses. We came up with some tips for micro house design and yes the first one has to do with outlets!

  • Pop up outlets from EVOline® are a great way to maximize space. Who says one space can’t have two purposes? Counter space can instantly become a two or three socket outlet port. You simply push the lid and the port pops up. You can then plug in your plugs and push the port back into the counter. The only space used then is where the cord comes out of the port space.
  • Dual Purpose. Almost everything can have dual purposes. For example, a seating bench or ottoman can open to provide storage space.
  • Build shelves from ceiling to floor. Often, we have bookshelves that leave feet of unused space above them. If you build them to reach the ceiling you’ll take up less horizontal space in your room.
  • Get creative with tables. Use a drop leaf table with stow away chairs or have the table turn into something fun like a mini-pool table. Your options are limited only by your creativity.
  • Adding curtains to an already small space can make it feel even smaller, instead consider using window tint or low profile screens.

Using space efficiently while incorporating great design is EVOline’s® forté. Try our pop up outlets and see for yourself.