Design Award Winner

9th Dec 2015

Most people are unaware of the elements of design that surround them in everyday life.

We at EVOline are well aware of design in the home and are proud to be part of the history of design. We are proud of winning the Red Dot Award in Product Designs. Awards in this category are awarded for outstanding quality in aesthetic and functional design. We are glad other appreciate all the hard work that went into the design of our pop up electrical sockets.

For those of you unfamiliar with our pop up sockets, they are multiple plug sockets that pop up out of counters and then retract back into the counter, leaving only the cord emerging from the tilting lid. They look great, perform well and help keep tangled cords to a minimum.

A lot of artistry and engineering know how goes into a great household design. Think about that the next time you look at a light bulb or at your toaster. From must meet function; it must be easy to use and look great. An everyday object can become a work of art when it is designed well. Think of a teapot. Any old tin can would work, but instead, people let their creativity flow and they assume every shape imaginable from art deco geometric shapes to cats and mice. The form changes, but the functionality remains high. A leaky teapot might be pretty to look at, but if it leaks when you tip it over, it won’t win any awards.

Our pop up electrical sockets are well designed, so they look great, are easy to install and function at a very high level. Just what you’d expect from German engineering.