Design Meets Practicality

23rd Dec 2015

Following up on our last blog that looked at the design aspect of the innovative EVOline pop up electrical sockets, we’ll look at what they offer you on a practical level. We talked about winning the coveted international design award the Red Dot Award for Design. Our idea may seem simple. We wanted to design a multiple electric socket port that would disappear from view and help with electrical cord management. When you value the aesthetic value of every detail of your home or office, you’ll want everything to be precise, to have the cleanest of clean lines and to be free of clutter. Modern life has forced upon us the clutter of the electrical socket and cords. Our quest was to find a solution. A solution that would look great by taking the sockets out of sight and perform well, keeping the sockets easily accessible for daily use. It would also have to be sturdy to stand up to daily use. Our pop up electrical sockets answer all of those needs. They are attractive, with a tilting lid of Stainless Steel or Plastic. They are easily installed and easily used; you simply tilt the lid and pull the socket unit up and then slide it back into its hole when you’ve plugged in your electrical plug. It stays up on its own and stays retracted on its own. Only the cords will extend out of the hole, peeping out from under the tilting lid.

Enjoy some award winning German engineering in your home or office with EVOline’s Red Dot