How to Avoid Electrical Fires This Holiday Season Part 2

16th Nov 2015

Keep your family and your home safe this holiday season!

At EVOline®, we are your source for award-winning pop up outlets that can help to make your holiday bright, but unfortunately, if you aren't careful, your holiday decorations could lead to an electrical fire. That's why, in our latest post, we went over a few holiday safety tips. The following is a list of a few more tips to help you avoid an electrical fire this holiday season: 

#4. Always turn off your lights and other holiday decorations when you are away or asleep.

You should always be present when your holiday decorations are plugged in and in use. If you leave your plugged-in decorations unsupervised, no one will be around at the onset of a fire, which means that, if an electrical fire does occur, the damage has the potential to be a whole lot more serious.

#5. If you need more outlets, use a surge protector rather than an outlet extender. 

Surge protectors help to regulate the flow of electricity from the outlet into decorations, appliances, etc., and they are much safer than simply using an outlet extender. That is because outlet extenders don't have their own fuse, so using them could easily lead to overloaded outlets.

#6. Check your outlets before you plug things in. 

Make sure that all of your outlets have covers that are intact and in good condition. If you happen to notice that any of your outlets have burn marks, cracks or even missing covers, you need to call an electrician before using them.