Keep your Design Customers Happy

1st Jun 2016

When you are a design professional, it’s important to keep your customers happy, not just because you are in a service industry and so it’s in your job description, but because word of mouth is import … read more

Modern Butler's Pantry Ideas

21st Mar 2016

When you are renovating your kitchen or constructing a new home, you need to consider your lifestyle when making design choices. If that lifestyle includes hosting large parties, you will want to cons … read more

Home Office Ideas

21st Mar 2016

Whether you use your home office for your livelihood or you simply use the space for household administration, it is important to have your home office organized in an efficient way so you can make th … read more

Design Meets Practicality

23rd Dec 2015

Following up on our last blog that looked at the design aspect of the innovative EVOline pop up electrical sockets, we’ll look at what they offer you on a practical level. We talked about winning the … read more

Design Award Winner

9th Dec 2015

Most people are unaware of the elements of design that surround them in everyday life.We at EVOline are well aware of design in the home and are proud to be part of the history of design. We are proud … read more