Keep your Design Customers Happy

1st Jun 2016

When you are a design professional, it’s important to keep your customers happy, not just because you are in a service industry and so it’s in your job description, but because word of mouth is important. You want your reputation for meeting your customer's needs and desires to preceed you. EVOline® is in the business of helping you to meet your customer’s exacting taste and demands. Here are some tips for working with clients to keep them happy, and your reputation sterling.

Anticipate Their Needs

  • Think about what they do on a daily basis and analyze what needs can be met by design features.
  • Do they need to be able to control the amount of light in the room, for example?
  • If they are using a lighted drafting table, for example, they may need to dim the lights for the best visibility.
  • You can anticipate this need by installing window treatments that can withstand frequent raising and lowering, and that are efficient in blocking light.
  • Do they work at a desk with lots of electronics? They will need outlets for all those plugs.
  • That is where EVOline® comes in.
  • Our desktop stationary docks and our pop-up Ports that hide the plugs are a great way to anticipate Power Solution needs and meet them with an award-winning design.
  • Our pop-up Ports come in several colors and with two or three outlets each. They pop-up out of the desk surface to allow the devices to be plugged in, and then go gracefully back into the surface to hide the outlets and to give you back your desk surface space.

Shop EVOline today and keep your customers amazed at your ingenuity.