Office Decorating Tips

26th May 2015

If you work in an office, chances are you spend at least 40 hours a week there. You deserve to work in a space that makes you feel your best, and that brings out your most efficient, most creative sel … read more

Bathroom Remodels and EVOline®

20th May 2015

Bathroom remodels are your chance to get the bathroom of your dreams. This is your chance to get the streamlined look of your dreams. EVOline® pop-up sockets are a great way of bringing award-winning … read more

EVOline® for Micro Houses

19th May 2015

EVOline® excels in designing and manufacturing pop-up electrical sockets that serve many purposes across many design fields. EVOline® sockets are the perfect space saving device for people who want to … read more

Pop Up Outlets Provide Powerful Solutions

24th Nov 2014

When you're searching for a free outlet, whether it's in your home or at the office, it can be aggravating to have to unplug something just to make room for something you're only going to use for a sh … read more

EVOline Pop Up Outlet: Your Power Lifeline

17th Sep 2014

Life can leave us as though we are drowning; torrents of life push and pull in so many directions that we need assurances to keep us from drifting into the madness. Novelists have not spoken freque … read more