Pop Up Outlets Provide Powerful Solutions

23rd Nov 2014

When you're searching for a free outlet, whether it's in your home or at the office, it can be aggravating to have to unplug something just to make room for something you're only going to use for a short time. Perhaps you're in your kitchen, trying to prepare Thanksgiving dinner, and need to plug in an immersion blender, but your coffee maker and toaster oven are occupying the closest outlets. With a pop up outlet from EVOline USA, you can find power wherever and whenever you need it.

Our high quality products are designed with both style and functionality in mind. Our outlets retract completely into your countertop, removing any unsightly obstructions from your clean and sleek kitchen. When every wall outlet is occupied, a pop up outlet provides you with two or three plug-ins (depending on your choice of EVOline model) and you can continue cooking or preparing your delicious meal. If your kitchen has enough outlet, an EVOline Port would also function perfectly in your bathroom.

Every EVOline product is designed and fabricated in Germany and then offered to customers across the globe. We know how important having access to power is, especially in our modern world of connectivity and instantaneous information. Whether you need to charge a smartphone or plug in a blender, our outlets allow you to easily plug in your devices without having to crawl under a counter or desk in search of power. You'll love how easy our outlet are to install and how easy they are to use!