The Pop Up Outlet You Want: EVOline Electrical Outlets

17th Sep 2014

Pop is a great word—there are so many positive connotations that can be had like popcorn, pop rock, Poppy. At the same time, there are connotations we don’t care so much for, like ‘pop up’. Pop ups … read more

Pop Up Outlet: ​Sleek and Functional

12th Aug 2014

Sleek and Functional Pop Up OutletThere are many ways to upgrade your home to make it more beautiful or more functional. With the Evoline pop up outlet, you can get both with one innovative product. I … read more

EVOline: Leading the World in Innovation

10th Jun 2014

We live in a fast-paced, evolutionary world which is constantly changing and improving. Our ability to keep up is what puts us at the top. We stand for elegance, effectiveness, and an evolutionar … read more