Bathroom Remodels and EVOline®

20th May 2015

Bathroom remodels are your chance to get the bathroom of your dreams. This is your chance to get the streamlined look of your dreams. EVOline® pop-up sockets are a great way of bringing award-winning design into your bathroom remodel. That’s right, EVOline® won the Reddot Design Award in 2015 for innovation in design and engineering. We’ve put together some simple tips for bathroom remodeling.

  • Keep the same footprint. By not moving the plumbing you can save thousands in plumber bills.
  • If re-tiling, use an accent tile. If you go bold on the main tiles they might not age well. It is easier to effect design change if you are still working with an accent color. Also, try getting towels to match the accent color to help them pop.
  • Use a curved shower curtain. Since much of the time you spend in the bathroom is in the shower you want it to be a comfortable space. Using a curved shower curtain lends the shower space the illusion of space.
  • Good ventilation If you’ve got it, great, but if you don’t make room in your budget for installing a good fan. This will save you from dealing with mold and mildew and smells.
  • Fixtures. A really nice faucet doesn't have to break the bank but choose one that compliments the style of the vanity and countertop.
  • Splurge on one big item. You can choose a great vanity with a stunning countertop and no one will notice the older tile.
  • Update your lighting. You’ll be surprised at what a huge difference a new lighting fixture can make.

We wish you luck with your remodel and remind you that if you want cutting edge design that also gives you the convenience of in the counter electrical sockets, EVOline® is for you!