EVOline: An Evolving Line

16th Sep 2014

Since the colonization of the eastern seaboard, Americans have dedicated themselves to the notion that progress is power. There is a whole line of poetry and literature about expansion and taming of the world around us through the implementation of the railroad. Nowadays, we don’t have modern Walt Whitmans running around singing the praises of technological advances, but if such a poet were to come crawling out of the coils of wires, he might write about the pop up electrical outlet that EVOline has here for you.

Electrical outlets are often mandatory for people in America, and it’s because they are our connection to the modern world; outlets give us a way to charge and power what connects us to the outside world. But electrical outlets themselves haven’t undergone a great deal of upgrading to follow suit with the ever adapting phones and tablets of the day. Well, not until now.

EVOline follows the evolving mind of the technological world by offering pop up electrical outlets that allow you to work in a convenient, energy saving way. While renovating your home or business, you can install outlets that will be conveniently placed, that will function to perfection, and will be easily hidden away at times that you want to hold a level of aesthetic perfection down to the most minute detail.

With a product that looks and functions like it’s supposed to belong in the twenty-first century, how could we look to anything else when searching for high-performance, high-quality products?

EVOline: be ahead of the times.