Improve Your Shared Work Space with Pop Out Outlets

23rd Oct 2014

When you work in a shared work space, electrical outlets can be a prized commodity. If you share or split a desk with a coworker, you both need a place to plug in your computers, devices, and other necessary work equipment. While your office may provide adequate wall outlets, you still may have to rely on power strips and surge protectors to power everything you need to do your job. With pop out outlets from EVOline USA, charging and powering your electronics becomes easier than ever.

You may have a tablet or laptop that you need to charge before heading into a big project presentation, and if all of the power strip outlets are occupied, you could be at a loss for a solution. With our EVOline Dock, you don't have to scurry around the floor and under desks looking for an outlet; instead you can set your device on your desk and plug it in, getting the power you need before your presentation.

Another great application for our pop out outlets can be found in co-working spaces. With the amount of freelancers and small business entrepreneurs in America today, these co-working spaces have popped up all across the country. With shared desks and open office environments, these spaces need adequate power supplies and EVOline USA is happy to provide that power. Our docks and ports are simple to install and everyone that uses the shared space will love how easy it is to plug in their laptops and devices!