EVOline: Leading the World in Innovation

9th Jun 2014

We live in a fast-paced, evolutionary world which is constantly changing and improving. Our ability to keep up is what puts us at the top. 

We stand for elegance, effectiveness, and an evolutionary outlook on humankind and technology. Every step we take is to aid in the progress and growth of man and his machine, whether that be a carpenter with his saw, or the stock broker and his tablet. 

EVOline pop up outlet

That is why we have engineered the pop up outlet that redefines power--one which has been winning awards across the world since 2002 for its elegant yet effective design which is constantly being improved. Our newest innovation is the Port with a built in nightlight. Sleek and safe, there is no more searching in the dark for the plug. The built-in light is beautifully subtle and efficient. All of the advantages of an EVOline® outlet, and all the satisfaction of a German design, this pop up outlet is the perfect addition to any kitchen, office, or living space.

Available in a two or three-plug design, we have what you need to make the exquisite home or office you've always wanted to be easily connected.

Contact us today if you love the design and efficiency of EVOline®, but your needs call for something specific. We are more than happy to work with your custom project so you can get the most out of your EVOline® Ports.

Browse through our selection today and see why we are the company that produces the finest, most innovative solutions to your technological needs.