Revolutionize Your Counter Tops with Pop Up Outlets

6th Oct 2014

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EVOline: An Evolving Line

17th Sep 2014

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The Pop Up Outlet You Want: EVOline Electrical Outlets

17th Sep 2014

Pop is a great word—there are so many positive connotations that can be had like popcorn, pop rock, Poppy. At the same time, there are connotations we don’t care so much for, like ‘pop up’. Pop ups … read more

Design and Function with EVOline’s Pop Out Outlets

29th Aug 2014

When it comes to pop out outlets, there is one company that offers a series of products that provide a cool, crisp, and sleek ambience to your home or office. With the introduction of a hide-away outl … read more

Sleek and Regal: EVOline USA

15th Aug 2014

The world around us is bound for a continued rapid expansion into the technological age, and we are determined to keep up with it. As phones can do more, laptops become more mobile, and tablet produ … read more