Design and Function with EVOline’s Pop Out Outlets

28th Aug 2014

When it comes to pop out outlets, there is one company that offers a series of products that provide a cool, crisp, and sleek ambience to your home or office. With the introduction of a hide-away outlet from EVOline, the revolution of the electrical outlet is here. In our world of appliances and devices, and where personal needs are met almost exclusively with electricity, an outlet is a prevalent need. But just having access to electrical outlets isn’t always the most pressing need. Sometimes you need an outlet in an uncommon place, such as the middle of your countertop, and when your ability to access energy is impeded by the lack of an outlet, EVOline USA can provide power with a beautiful and aesthetic presentation.

Our pop out outlets expand and collapse, allowing you to use more of your countertop and provide you with a more visually pleasing space—no more bothering with multiple cords plugged into a wall outlet, and no more tangles to distract or take away from the cleanliness of your desk or countertop. Plus, the design and function of our outlets won’t detract from your home decor.

An EVOline outlet is the perfect addition, and one that can meet your electrical needs and leave you feeling calm and stress-free when you need energy for your multiple devices. When it’s time for you to redesign your home or office and add new visual appeal, the only thing that you need to do is to call on EVOline USA, your electrical lifeline.