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 Evoline® USA is the design and manufacturing firm behind the fantastic innovative pop-up outlet port. The Evoline ports are a pop-up unit for electrical outlets.

Award Winning Design

  • Products by Evoline® have won several RedDot awards.

  • The RedDot award is an international design award given out by the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen in Essen Germany.

  • They give out design awards in the categories of design, design agencies, and design concepts. Evoline® has won two awards, one in 2001 and again in 2015

Pop Up Outlets

  • Evoline® Pop-up outlets  are easily installed to sit recessed in the surface of counters or desks to be discretely integrated into the worktop when not in use.

  • To use, the flip top is easily depressed and then, with a smooth motion you simply lift the dock from its recessed position, the outlet dock emerges from the surface.

  • The two or three outlet dock comes up for use.

  • Once the electrical plug is plugged in, the unit can be pushed back into the work top with only the cords emerging from the flip top.

Coveted Interior Element

  • Architects, designers and discriminating homeowners alike, love the Evoline ports for their the sleek European design and utilitarianism.

  • They are a great solution for crowded countertops and desktops that you want to be uncluttered.  

  • The units are available in black, red, antique brass, white and gray/silver.

  • The Evoline® is highly durable. It has gone through rigorous durability testing and come through with flying colors.

  • We also offer pop-up ports with blue nightlights so you can always find your port in the dark.