Decorate With the Help of Pop Out Outlets and Other EVOline Solutions

9th Dec 2014

Now that the holidays are upon us, people across the country are decorating their homes and businesses to celebrate the festive season. However, many people run into the same problem every year - a lack of adequate outlets and power supplies for their lights and decorations. At EVOline USA, it is our mission to provide practical and aesthetic outlet solutions and with our pop out outlets and other outlet options, you'll have plenty of plug-ins for this year's holiday season.

For those that enjoy decorating their office space for the holidays, a pop out outlet from EVOline allows you to plug in your lights and decorations without taking precious outlet space away from office essentials such as computers, monitors, printers, and fax machines. Our EVOline Port options are designed with form and functionality in mind, allowing you to hide your outlets when they're not in use. The tilting lid allows you to keep things plugged in when you need them and keep your desk clear from obstructions. If you're decorating at home and want to hang lights in your kitchen, but can't spare the outlets, add a EVOline Dock and plug to your heart's content!

If you're a do-it-yourselfer and plan to install your pop out outlets on your own time, take a minute to watch our demo videos. They'll show you the best way to install and set up your new outlets, and how to best configure and place them in your home or office. Once you're done, you can complete your holiday decorating, complete with adequate power!