Pop Up USB Outlet EVOline® Port 1128

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Pop Up USB Outlet EVOline® Port 1128

1593 1040 7401

Aluminum profile silver anodized,

Plastic Silver lid and silver collar

1x USB-Charger Type A 1 Amp

2x Tamper Resistant NEMA 5-15Amp 0° angled sockets with flaps to be safe from spills, with 6ft cable and UL plug. Also included is an installation gasket (112 x 100 x 1.0 mm grey to be used between the countertop and the Port) and 3 set screws to secure the lock nut below the surface. Cable lengths described from module inside the profile to plug or socket on the end of the cable.

UL listed for Canada and USA [Furniture Power Distribution Unit] E482662

UL listed and tested to meet UL 962A with 1 – 5 socket outlets. Electrical codes vary by location. Please check with your electrician to verify that this unit meets your local code before installing.

Specially designed socket flaps to meet Spill Test Rating by UL. Rated for Indoor Use Only. 1 Year Warranty


Are there GFCI outlets with USB ports?


Installation is simple, insert the Port into a 4” hole, secure with the lock nut under the surface and plug into a GFCI circuit. Installs upside down in an upper cabinet, and horizontally.

This is a Standard configuration. If you require a specialized Port, please contact

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Are USB wall outlets worth it?

For their convenience and style in my opinion USB outlets are most definitely worth it!  Read below for how easy they are to install.

EVOline® Port is very easy to install once the 4" hole is cut. Unscrew and remove the nut from the Port, put some silicone caulk or the installation gasket provided: between the Port and the countertop, then place the Port in the cutout.  Screw the nut back onto the Port under the surface. Anchor the Port to remain in position by installing the set screws into the lock nut and the surface. Then plug the Port into a GFCI outlet. Please review the instruction diagram delivered with your Port. Also available under the Documentation tab.


 The EVOline® Ports come with a plug on a 6 foot/ 2m cord and plug and are 15 amp / 125 vac. Simply plug into a GFCI protected outlet. Not approved as a hardwired option.


Does the EVOline® Port “pop up” automatically?


No, this is an industry term for these devices. These devices are manufactured to exact standards that produce a firm and positive sliding motion. When fully extended the unit will “click” to provide additional support in the “up” position.  


How does the EVOline® Port operate?


From a retracted position, you would push gently on the lid and tip it open. Placing your fingers under the rim of the lid, lift the device up to expose the power outlets. The unit can be opened to expose one or all of the outlets. Simply plug your device into the power unit and either continue using the device in the open position or return the device to the retracted position. Once retraced the top remains in the tipped position allowing any connected cables to remain in place and slightly gripped to prevent loosening. 


Is there an EVOline® Products warranty?


 Yes, the EVOline® Products are warranted to be free from defects for one year from purchase under normal use.  ** Users should take care that plugs that are wider than the EVOline® Port are not used in the retracted position, such as some cell phone charging devices, as this might result in the Port not being able to be pulled up without damaging the Port. Damage will occur if using a cube charger. These damages will result in the top cap under the lid becoming stressed and cracked possibly at both sides. This is NOT covered under your warranty.


Shipping ships with UPS to USA and Canada. The UPS  rates can be found on the ordering pages as you fill out your order. You can specify which UPS method you prefer.  Canadian duties and taxes are not included in the delivery and will be collected by the UPS driver. 


 All orders require an Adult Signature to receive the order.  This is a high value item and cannot be left without an Adult signature. 


After your order has been processed you will receive an email with your UPS Tracking information.  This will be helpful to determine the status of your order.


Your EVOline® order will depart our facility in Sugar Grove, IL at 12:30 p.m. Monday - Friday c.s.t.  Orders received after 11:00 a.m. will depart the next business day.




If you find that your order is not as you anticipated, simply return in the original packaging with a copy of your Invoice within 30 days of placing your order for a 100% refund.  Orders older than 30 days are subject to review and a 20% restocking fee. Refunds can take 5 - 10 business days to return funds to your bank.


If you have any other questions, just give us a call at 630-409-9445 or E-mail us at


 Please refer to the Terms and Conditions on the website for Warranty, Returns and  any other concerns.

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