Re-Inventing the Home Kitchen Renovation

27th Jul 2014

EVOline is re-inventing the home kitchen renovation.  

Do you ever find yourself looking at your counter top wishing you could modernize an out-of-date kitchen in a few easy steps? The pop out outlet is the new and easy way to add a modern touch to an archaic living space.  Adding the convenience of electricity with the modernness of a posh new home, EVOline's innovative line of products will take a messy crowded kitchen with a tangle of cords out of the picture and replace it with a smooth modern design that is not only pleasing to the eye but adds functionality to one of the most important and most used rooms in your home.

Kitchens, home entertainment centers, practically anywhere and everywhere in your home will receive a great upgrade with the new and cutting edge designs of German engineering.

Sleek, innovative and completely contemporary, when you update your fridge, oven, microwave and counter tops, don't forget to add the plug that will save you space and hassle. 

From a stainless steel look to an impressive red design, there is something for every kitchen style and need. Whether that means a four outlet design or a more modest two outlet, the EVOline plug is never too much or too little. Get yours today or contact us for your custom project. With the expertise and the equipment to handle anything from cord management to decentralized electrical distribution, we can give you a look that revolutionizes renovation and will have your kitchen looking spectacular.