More Kitchen Renovation Trends for 2016

24th Feb 2016

Evoline® pop up outlets are a must-have award winning accessory for your kitchen or home office renovation. One of the hottest trends this year in kitchen renovation design is minimalism. Some design sources call for muted tones for the color of walls and cabinets even going so far as to say that grey is the new white. Other sources call for recalling a mid-century sleek design. Well, we think that Evoline® is a perfect fit for this particular design trend!

Nordic design is what some people call the sleek retro design. Typical elements of what is also called Scandinavian design are the following:

Function over From

  • If something doesn’t work well, it doesn’t matter how cool it looks. Scandinavian homes are small and must be decorated efficiently.

Light on Light

  • Light wood, light furniture and light curtains blowing in a cool breeze off a fjord. Yeah, that’s Scandinavia, or so we think when we picture an image like that.
  • To bring that feel into your home avoid bright colors.
  • For wood, choose light woods like birch or distressed grey.
  • For textures choose natural fibers and especially knits.


  • Clutter is a big “don’t,” when it comes to creating a Scandinavian effect.
  • This is one area where Evoline®a can help. Our pop-up electrical socket docks are installed to recede when unused and even in use.
  • You simply flip the flip top and pull up and the unit rises up for use. Once your electronic is plugged in, you simply push it back into the kitchen counter or desk top. All that is left is the cords peeping out from under the flip lid.