Home Office Decorating Tips

2nd Jun 2015

In our last blog, we discussed how EVOline pop-up sockets set a sleek creative tone for an office. We think that this tone is just at home in a home office as in a Fortune 500 company. Your business is just as important. We are going to continue our office decor theme but move to home offices.

  • Minimize the clutter. EVOline pop-up sockets can be instrumental in this task. Our sockets keep a slick look to your work space and our systems also help keep cords organized so you don’t have an octopus on your desk.
  • Match the decor. If your home is French Country, make your office that style too, unless you have a whole room to devote to your office. If your office is in a bigger space, matching the rest of the decor will help it blend in and you’ll feel more at home working in it.
  • Blend but let it stand out. Just because you are using the same style as the rest of the room doesn’ mean you can’t let it stand out. One easy way to set it apart is to take an accent color from the main space and paint the wall of your office space that color. It will blend in but stand out.
  • Natural light. No one wants to sit in a dungeon like office space. Prioritize your space by giving it natural lighting. Set your desk in front of a window, especially if it faces north. You mood and your eyes will thank you.
  • Get a great chair. Splurge on a comfortable, stylish chair. Make it something you want to sit, not that you have force yourself to get into.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our home office decorating tips. We may continue them in the future. In the meantime, shop for your EVOline pop-up sockets and make your home office rock!