Innovative Electrical Solutions by EVOline® T-Dock

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EVOline® T-Dock 3727 with Alanox® Finish Lacquered Body and End Caps {2 0* degree sockets}, cable and connector, Stainless Mounting Foot, 15Amp, 125VAC, CSA approvals, 9' cord with 3 prong plug, seperate from cord.

The principle: Desks become “e-places“. Dock directly. No dust by electrostatics.

T-Dock is permanently mounted with cord exiting through the stainless steel footing. Plug is included, but not attached until after installation.

Product Specs

EVOline® T-Dock Alanox® Aluminum housing for mounting on counter tops up to 3 inches thick. Two receptacles, 0°, supply cable 2,5 m, plug supplied loose The cable is routed for power through the Stainless Steel base. Hole needed in surface approximately 12/16th. Plug supplied separately for installation under the counter top once the hole is drilled.


ALANOX® is a special treatment on aluminum to look like stainless steel without the visible fingerprints


All cable lengths are measured from the connection point and mounting position of the modules in the profile.


Designed, engineered and manufactured in Germany by Schulte Elektrotechnik GmbH&Co.KG


CSA Approvals, see Certificate 15 Amp 125 Vac


Made of self extinguishing material, with silver coated electrical contacts for less resistance, more output and less heat.


Internationally Patented

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