Kitchen Remodel Tips

29th Jun 2015

EVOline pop-up sockets are perfect for any initial design or remodeling project.

Smart Storage. There are all sorts of clever organizational tricks and tools for organizing, spices to cereal boxes, there are systems and to organize them to use your space efficiently.

Pop-up Sockets. Of course, we think pop-up sockets are the perfect way to introduce sleek European design into your kitchen while also using your space efficiently.

Organize by subject. It sounds like library books but it can apply to kitchens, store all the baking ingredients near where all the baking tools are stored, otherwise you’ll find yourself going back and forth through the kitchen while you cooking, and that’ fine if you are working on your pedometer numbers but if there is anyone else in the kitchen or you are on a schedule it may prove to be an irritant.

Plan for open doors. When you are planning the location of the refrigerator or the dishwasher, make sure that the open door will not block traffic unnecessarily.

What the island for? Do you want the island to be a breakfast/snack spot for the kids, or maybe it will double as a homework spot. Or do you want it for cooking, and cooking only whatever the purpose, add in a few pop-up sockets for convenience of plugging in the food processor or pencil sharpener.

Design for people! If there are going to be kids in the house it’s a bad idea to put the microwave over the stove. Simple, common sense things like that can make a house a home, instead of a danger zone.

Spice it up! Adding a specialty item like a wine refrigerator or a cooking sink can really add something to the usability of a kitchen as well as resale attraction.

Shop today for your EVOline pop-up sockets, they are perfect for your kitchen remodel!