Kitchen Electrical Outlet with Blue Nightlight EVOline® Port 1129 NB

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EVOline® Port 1129NB  Silver Anodized Profile with Stainless Steel Rocking Cover, Plastic Sleeve Anodized Silver, 2 Sockets, 0*Angled,CSA Approval Sticker, 9'cord and plug with Blue LED NIGHTLIGHT, on/off switch

Product Specs:

The EVOline® Port provides electrical connections in a retractable aluminum housing. Simply press the lid to tilt and grasp, pull up, plug in and push the EVOline® Port back down.  The tilted lid allows the cord to trail into the EVOline® Port for full function while retracted.

The EVOline® Port can be mounted into a 4 inch diameter hole into any surface with a maximum of 2 inches thickness.  Always install minimum 24 inches from water!

Easy to Install!  See the Installation Instructions PDF!

CSA Approvals, see CSA Certificate: 15 Amp 125 Vac  Always Consult your Electrician and Building Department for your local code. 

Tamper Resistant sockets will be available 2017.  

Internationally Patented

Designed, engineered and manufactured in Germany by Schulte Elektrotechnik GmbH & Co.KG

 *2001 Winner of the Red Dot Design Award